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Chiefs & Royals Kick off “Yes” Campaign for April 2 Vote

The campaign to continue the existing ⅜ cent sales tax to keep the Chiefs and the Royals in Jackson County for the next generation of major league sports fans and everyone in our community is underway!  This proposal takes a good deal and makes it exponentially better. Both teams have held press conferences in the last few weeks and have shared their visions for the future.  We are pleased to share a few images with you to spark your enthusiasm.

Thank You Downtown Council Members

The Downtown Council of Kansas City, Missouri (DTC) is a not-for-profit membership organization that advocates, plans, and works for a stronger, more resilient Downtown Kansas City. Today we would like to thank our 170+ businesses and non-profit organizations for supporting us!

Key metrics show resilience of Downtown KC renaissance

At our recent Downtown Office Summit, we shared research developed by one of our data providers, Placer.ai, a national provider of anonymous location data from mobile device use. We gathered real-time user data to measure Greater Downtown KC’s recovery and compare the numbers of residents, employees, and visitors with those from 2019. The story it tells is that our Greater Downtown is experiencing a higher percentage of employees returning to the office than most downtowns nationally, as well as when compared to suburban and single-use office districts. We are ahead of the curve.


Downtown Ballpark District delivers for KC neighborhoods, citizens, and economy

It’s been said that baseball stadiums are never only about baseball. Truer words have never been spoken in relation to the conversation our community is having around the future home of the Kansas City Royals. At this moment, we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build a world-class baseball stadium in Jackson County and Kansas City while raising the economic and community benefits for our surrounding neighborhoods as well as the entire region. 

In the Royals’ open letter to the community last November, they stated three criteria that would guide the search for their new home: real and measurable community impact, economic growth, and an enhanced quality of life for the citizens of our region, with an emphasis on historically under-represented members of our community. If these criteria remain the top priorities for the Royals, then Downtown Kansas City is the clear and best choice for our community.