Thank You Downtown Council Members

Thank You Downtown Council Members

Thank You Downtown Council Members

By Bill Dietrich, President & CEO at Downtown Council of Kansas City

The Downtown Council of Kansas City, Missouri (DTC) is a not-for-profit membership organization that advocates, plans, and works for a stronger, more resilient Downtown Kansas City. Today we would like to thank our 170+ businesses and non-profit organizations for supporting us!

Through our work and partnerships, we ensure Downtown Kansas City is the vibrant place where you work, shop, live, and do business. These efforts are made possible through the work of the professional, administrative, and operations staff, the Board of Directors, as well as many public and private partners.

Downtown Kansas City has charted a course that many other cities may need to follow on the path to recovery; mixing live and work together in a thriving, walkable setting. Downtown benefits from a substantial volume of housing intermixed with offices, health care, and education; a strong convention and tourism business; a vibrant arts and culture scene; as well as award-winning restaurants and retail activating our ground floor spaces. The interactivity of these diverse uses has accounted to a large degree for Downtown’s success and will be the key to a full revival.  For more information, review our detailed report on Downtown’s recovery.

The Downtown Kansas City Transformation

Downtown Kansas City’s transformation, which started twenty years ago, is not the passive result of forces beyond our control, but rather the product of strategic decisions, local leadership, and investments that shape our new vision. We were not simply restoring things to the old order of a monoculture office district but building a vibrant live-work Downtown that prioritizes people and serves all areas of their lives.

Important milestones for 2023 include the continued work of the Imagine Downtown KC Committee which continues to advance the goals of our strategic plan; our work engaging stakeholders in the planned Downtown KC Baseball District; and, our role in the public-private partnership creating a world-class destination park, the South Loop Project.

We are also facilitating the development of the Greenline recreation trail, producing events such as our Annual Luncheon and Downtown KC Office Summit that bring stakeholders together, building bridges to new ideas that will transform our Downtown, while also engaging in business attraction/retention, and playing leadership roles in organizations that support our tech and creative community – Launch KC and Art in the Loop.

And our work doesn’t stop there. Our affiliated organization, the Downtown Community Improvement District celebrated 20 years of providing clean, safe, green, and friendly services. They have also developed a multi-service facility, The Beehive, to help improve the lives of our houseless citizens.

We appreciate the leadership, participation and support of our members. We wouldn’t be where we are without them!