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Downtown Council of Kansas City

The Downtown Council of Kansas City, Missouri (DTC) is a not-for-profit membership organization that advocates, plans, and works for a stronger, more resilient Downtown Kansas City. We envision an equitable, inclusive, and vibrant Downtown Kansas City that will thrive in the coming years. We are committed to creating a diverse, walkable, and economically sustainable model for Downtown for the next century.

Why Join the DTC?

  • A Seat at the Table
    With the launch of the Imagine Downtown KC strategic plan, now is the time to ensure your voice is heard. Be a part of shaping the future of Downtown!
  • Leverage
    Raise the volume of your voice by speaking in unity with 180+ Downtown businesses.
  • An Advocate
    With a long and successful history of shaping policy and influencing the allocation of resources, the DTC is your constant advocate.
  • Connection
    Opportunities to interact with leaders in government, business, development, neighborhoods, transit, and more.
  • Resources
    The DTC is your source for Downtown research, data, metrics, maps, and more.

Get Involved

Your Downtown Council membership opens a world of opportunities for your leadership in the committees, initiatives, and affiliated organizations that shape Downtown Kansas City today and tomorrow. By becoming a member you and your organization can have a hand in transformational projects that shape our Downtown.

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