Kansas City Royals announce commitments to the Crossroads Community Association


On Saturday, the Kansas City Royals announced commitments they will make to the Crossroads Community Association with benefits that will extend beyond its borders and enhance the larger community if Jackson County voters approve Question 1 on April 2nd. Earlier in the week, the Royals and Kansas City Chiefs released a $260 million community benefits agreement for Jackson County.

The Royals’ commitment to the Crossroads will support small business displacement, offer local businesses reduced lease pricing within the ballpark district, and implement traffic and parking management. Below is the full list of commitments the Royals are making to the Crossroads:

  • Small Business Support – Small businesses being displaced under the direct impact of the stadium footprint and surrounding development, such as rent support, relocation assistance, tenant improvements, and payroll coverage to help with employee retention.
  • Local Business Opportunities – The Royals will provide opportunities for locally owned businesses to lease space within the stadium and surrounding development at a reduced lease pricing to support ongoing business endeavors.
  • Entrepreneurship Support – The Royals will invest up to $500,000 in community-based organizations that provide entrepreneurship training and support for businesses located in the Crossroads and surrounding areas.
  • Construction Mitigation Programs – The Royals will discuss the scheduling of construction activities with adjacent businesses, residents, and property owners to minimize noise and disruption to scheduled activities and assist small businesses in developing continuity plans to mitigate the impact on their operations.
  • Crossroads Community Improvement District (CCID) – The Royals will actively participate in and financially support the formation and ongoing operations of the institution with a focus on safe and clean neighborhoods, including an upfront $50,000 commitment to support the formation of the CCID.
  • Location Infrastructure – The franchise will work to enhance infrastructure impacted by the stadium, which shall include focusing on stormwater management, green solutions, and sustainable development.
  • Traffic Management & Transportation – The Royals will develop comprehensive plans to manage increased traffic and parking demands, emphasizing public transportation and sustainable access options.
  • Green Spaces – The Royals will support the Crossroads Street Tree Initiative and additional streetscape improvements to adjacent streets.
  • Sustainability – The stadium will be constructed to meet LEED Gold certification requirements or similar certification requirements.
  • Public Art & Support for the Local Arts Community – The Royals will set aside $5 million of the construction cost of the stadium for the acquisition and installation of art around the ballpark and surrounding development, with an emphasis on supporting local artists and working with groups such as ArtsKC in determining how to integrate artwork into the project.
  • Community Engagement & Representation – The Royals will support the CCID’s efforts in enhancing the neighborhood, including incorporating community art and cultural representations in the stadium design and seeking to enhance connections with the 18th & Vine Jazz District.
  • Local Events & Culture – The Royals will commit to ensuring that street-level businesses are operational year-round and that the new stadium and surrounding development are positively contributing to the street-level activity in the Crossroads.

“We are pleased to be collaborating with the Crossroads Community Association to demonstrate how we can invest in and contribute to this part of our city, ” said Sarah Tourville, Executive Vice President of Chief Commercial and Community Impact Officer for the Kansas City Royals.

“We have the opportunity to advance a once-in-a-generation proposal to return baseball to Kansas City’s urban core, and these commitments demonstrate how we can accomplish that as good neighbors.”