Downtown Kansas City

Great downtowns are no longer reducible to offices. Now, they are transforming into spaces to live and socialize. Downtown Kansas City has charted this course; mixing live and work together in a thriving, walkable environment.

The Downtown Council is pleased to announce city planner and best-selling author Jeff Speck as the keynote speaker for the Downtown Kansas City Annual Luncheon. Based on his experience in city planning, urban design, and the impact of walkability on downtowns, Jeff will share his knowledge about what makes downtowns unique and how cities can continue to make them vibrant and attractive destinations for all.

The Imagine Downtown KC 2030 plan is designed to serve as the primary vision-setting and policy blueprint for shaping a stronger, better, more resilient community with an unflinching commitment to creating an equitable, inclusive, and vibrant Downtown Kansas City.

The South Loop Project is a sustainable urban park that will bring Kansas City together like never before, bridging Kansas City’s Central Business District and the Crossroads Arts District and linking adjacent communities.

Businesses, retailers, professional sports teams, and a young educated workforce are fueling Downtown Kansas City’s renaissance. Today, Downtown has become the fastest-growing residential neighborhood in the entire region and the very best place for people and businesses to connect with each other.

Downtown Council of Kansas City

The Downtown Council of Kansas City is a private, nonprofit membership organization representing Kansas City’s best businesses, property owners, nonprofit organizations, and anyone invested in Downtown’s success.

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