Santos Ramirez to lead operations for the CIDs


The 2019 Leadership Team for the Downtown and River Market CIDs includes (from left) Marvin Williams, maintenance supervisor; Mark Rowlands, director of contracts; Sean O’Byrne, executive director; Frank Jackson, safety supervisor; Arthur Chatman (top), landscape/maintenance supervisor; Justin Tatum, communications manager; Ronell Bailey, safety supervisor/special event coordinator; Sheila Tatum, maintenance supervisor; Santos Ramirez, director of operations; and Daniel Moon, safety supervisor.

As the River Market CID begins its new fiscal year, the district is positioned for a strong and effective 2019 thanks to its new leadership team. Every member of the supervisory group has risen through the CID ranks to assume new positions of authority.

“Every member of the leadership team has earned his or her place through years of service and outstanding achievement,” said Sean O’Byrne, executive director of the CIDs.

Members of the CID leadership team will be profiled in a new, monthly series of CID blog points. Today’s piece on Santos Ramirez is the first in that series.


Santos Ramirez – Director of Operations

This 16-year veteran of the Community Improvement Districts was selected in 2018 to lead day-to-day operations of the Downtown and River Market CIDs.

In addition to the many responsibilities of his new role, Santos is focused on updating the CID fleet and mobile kiosk; adjusting work shifts to accommodate busy times in the Central Business District and River Market; and building better lines of communications with managers of Downtown residential properties. He also wants to advance the Racheal Project, designed to help the homeless maintain jobs and help them find long-term housing solutions.

Santos has big plans for 2019. He is working with program developers EB Systems to incorporate work orders into the smart device app that the Ambassadors use daily to make CID services more efficient. New vehicles will be purchased soon to help the team tackle a growing number of duties covering nearly 200 city blocks. And, Santos plans to upgrade the CIDs aging two-way radio system to take advantage of technological advances.

Santos got his CID start in 2003 as a Maintenance Ambassador before moving quickly to the Security team and later to the Supervisory group. Santos is a native Kansas Citian, and attended J.C. Harmon High School.  Santos, his wife Christina, and family, including three sons (two who attend Rockhurst High School and the youngest who attends Our Lady of Hope) live in the historic Westside neighborhood.


Next month – Profiles on the other members of the CID leadership group coming on Wednesday, April 17.