KC Streetcar track repairs expected to continue through July

Track repairs on the Main Street Bridge over I-670 continued this weekend and are estimated to last two to three weeks.

Track repairs on the Main Street Bridge over I-670 continued over the weekend, and are estimated to last an estimated two to three weeks.
Donna Mandelbaum, communications and marketing director for the KC Streetcar Authority, said the repair schedule is dependent on a variety of factors including weather, field conditions, and access to materials, resources, and equipment. Crews are working around the clock, including nights and weekends, in order to get KC Streetcar service rolling as soon and as safely as possible.
During repair work, Main Street is closed between Truman Road North and South, as well as the Power & Light District northbound and the Kauffman Center northbound streetcar stops.
The work will follow a phased approach:
  • Phase 1: Assessment, demolition, and slab preparation
  • (July 5 mobilization; July 6 start of Phase 1)
  • Phase 2: Rail welding and placement – this week
  • Phase 3: Rail finishing and setting
  • Phase 4: Track slab pour and finishing
  • Phase 5: Curing, Testing, Resumption of Service

Assessment of the track condition concluded the failure was likely due to multiple factors including thermal expansion and degradation of the streetcar track slab and related materials. The repairs underway should be a long term fix due to changes in design, materials, and reinstallation procedures.  While only one rail failed, the team is addressing all 4 rails on the bridge as well.  This weekend, track slab was demoed and all 4 bridge rails were cut and freed from the pavement.

While KC Streetcar service is suspended, transit continues on Main Street with the RideKC Main Street MAX rerouted to Main St from Grand Blvd.  The southern portion of the route (past Union Station) will remain the same.  Bus frequencies are estimated to be 20-30 minutes and service will conclude at midnight Sunday – Saturday. These buses will stop at all designated and open streetcar stops.

You are encouraged to share this information with your tenants, residents, employees, guests, members, neighbors, etc.  Please email Donna at dmandelbaum@kcstreetcar.org with any questions.

Please note that all northbound Main MAX buses will layover at the Ride KC 3rd and Grand parking lot. Passengers will need to de-board at that point and board again from the River Market North stop on 3rd Street.

Updates will be posted on the KC Streetcar website (https://kcstreetcar.org/service-alert-july-4-2023/) and social media feeds: web | twitter | instagram | facebook