Downtown and River Market are going to the Dogs!

Downtown and River Market are going to the Dogs!

Downtown and River Market are going to the Dogs!

By Jared Campbell, Resident Engagement Project Manager at Downtown Council of Kansas City

It has been said that a dog is man’s best friend, but it turns out that dogs are the best friend of all of our residents and visitors to Downtown and the River Market. To keep up with this tail wagging situation, the Downtown and River Market Community Improvement Districts have created two off leash dog parks.

The River Market off leash dog park is located at 5th and Locust.

It is a large two acre park that has become a popular spot for residents, visitors and of course, the dogs. The park was built in 2016. Before that the land was right of way for the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT). The River Market CID was able to lease the land from MoDOT and create the park. In addition to the off leash park, the area has been used for outdoor movie nights complete with food trucks. The park has become a welcome addition to the River Market and helps drive residential development.

The Downtown off leash dog park is located at 7th and Walnut.

It is located on land owned by Commerce Bank and managed by Tower Properties. The Downtown Community Improvement District (DCID) was able to structure a license agreement for the land. Previously, the land was a parking facility, thus the name of our off leash park, “The Barking Lot”. The Barking Lot has become a mainstay for the multiple apartments and hotels in the neighborhood. According to Chris Erdley, Property Manager with Tower Properties, “The partnership between Tower Properties and the Downtown Community Improvement District has been terrific. The DCID was able to transform this vacant land into a wonderful park that can be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.”

What started as a park for dogs and their owners has turned into a wonderful opportunity for people and their pets to come together and enjoy socializing and being outdoors. As King Frederick II of Prussia said before his death in 1786, “The only, absolute and best friend a man has, in this selfish world, the only one that will not betray or deny him, is his dog.” and in Downtown and the River Market, we are lucky to have them.