Art in the Loop Celebrates Public Art in Downtown Kansas City

Nearly 100 people visited The Box Gallery on Friday, June 6, to view the art exhibition “Art in the Loop: 10-Years of Revitalizing Downtown KC with Public Art”.  The exhibition takes a new look at the organizations’ successful projects and reveals their plans for the future.

Why is public art important to Downtown Kansas City?  How do local projects help emerging artists?  The exhibition answers these questions and explains the detailed process of site-specific public art commissions –uncovering the complexity of the projects and the creativity of the artists involved.  The exhibition includes a display of artist sketches, project photographs, site plans, sculpture models and materials.

The show also includes a new video about Art in the Loop’s program through the voices of local artists and the foundation.  A new walking tour map of public art in the Downtown Loop is provided free.

For more information about Art in the Loop, visit or contact Ann Holliday, program director,