Architectural Digest selects Union Station among the world’s most beautiful


Kansas City’s historic Union Station has been selected by Architectural Digest as one of the 37 most beautiful train stations in the world.

Kansas City’s renowned Union Station has been named one of 37 of the most beautiful train stations in the world by Architectural Digest. Opened in 1914, the iconic front door to Downtown Kansas City is among only nine U.S. stations to be featured in the global list.

“Beautiful train stations are arguably a city’s most treasured architectural landmark,” Architectural Digest begins its review. “With nonstop flights going seemingly everywhere, people tend to prefer the sky over the rail. That said, there’s something nostalgic—and even glamorous—about boarding a train that simply cannot be replicated in any other form of transportation….”

The article features an image of each station, along with a brief description of each of the 37 wonders. Kansas City’s portion of the spotlight begins:

“Designed as a reactionary response to the second great Kansas City flood, which completely consumed the original Union Depot railroad station, rail executives quickly decided to build a new train station, but on higher ground this time. The result? Union Station, the brainchild of Chicago architect Jarvis Hunt, who took on the project in 1906. Eight years later, the new station opened to the public and was met with instant admiration.”

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