Imagine Downtown KC 2030 – October Update

Listen Up! Podcast Series Focuses on the Future of Downtown KC

Listen in as host Kemet Coleman talks with guests who offer unique perspectives about the future of Downtown KC. The Imagine Downtown KC podcast is a deeper conversation with visionaries to imagine Downtown 10 years from now and to complement the strategic planning process.

Four episodes have been released to date, covering a spectrum of topics from the arts community, urban planning, economic inclusion, mobility and beyond. Our hope is that each episode will enlighten and inspire listeners to dream BIG about the possibilities for the future of Downtown. Click here for all of the podcasts or follow the links below to have a listen:

Want to Learn More About Imagine Downtown KC?

If you would like to know more – we would be happy to talk with you. Simply invite us to your neighborhood or business association meeting and we will provide the latest update on the Imagine Downtown KC 2030 strategic planning process. We would love to get your input! Contact and we will get together!



Imagine Downtown KC Fact Sheet

We have developed a new fact sheet to help us share information about the Imagine Downtown KC 2030 strategic planning process.  Take a look, download it, and share it with your neighbors and colleagues.



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