Imagine Downtown KC Podcast

Liftoff! The Imagine Downtown KC Podcast launches today

An Avenue for Change: Artists and the Arts Community in Downtown Kansas CityWe have liftoff! The Downtown Council of KC (DTC) is delighted to announce our new Imagine Downtown KC podcast is officially live today. Over the next 10 weeks, listen in as host Kemet Coleman goes deeper with guests as they share their unique perspectives and explore the possibilities for the future of Downtown KC. 

We invite you to tune in to the first episode as Dana Knapp, president and CEO of ArtsKC Regional Arts Council, and Michael Toombs, founder and CEO of The Storytellers Inc. Artists Collective, discuss the state of the local arts community.

Catch the Imagine Downtown KC podcast wherever you download your podcasts. Check it out on iTunes and Spotify, and the Imagine Downtown KC Podcast page.

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