Hotel Kansas City opens in style + Developers look to 18th & Vine

Hotel Kansas City is now open in the former KC Club building at 13th & Baltimore.

Hotel Kansas City opens in historic Kansas City Club building

The Hotel Kansas City opened late last week in the heart of Downtown KC. The beautifully restored building retains the signature features of the historic Kansas City Club location, accented with a sophisticated blend of modern flourishes.

“We are the most luxurious hotel in the market, there’s no other comparisons,” said Sarah Beck, director of sales and marketing, told CitySceneKC. “Our lobby is like something you’d see in Chicago and New York.”

The new Hyatt Hotel property at 13th & Baltimore is more than just a place to stay. The Gothic Revival-style institution offers a chance to time-travel back in history to the Roaring Twenties, when the bustling social club first opened its doors in 1922. The new Hotel Kansas City “features preserved touches like stained glass and hand-hewn walnut as reminders of a proud past—while modern restaurants, bars, and rooms ground guests fully in the present.”

The restored Tudor Ballroom is part of the 20,000 square feet of historic event space in the new Hotel Kansas City.

The 144-room hotel at 1228 Baltimore is the 22nd in the country to be opened under the Hyatt Unbound Collection and is the first full-service Hyatt in the metro since the Crown Center Hyatt changed flags to Sheraton in 2011.

Hotel Kansas City preserved the luxurious event spaces of the original Kansas City Club including the Tudor Ballroom and its stained glass windows; the Grill Room with its murals of Medieval scenes and the President’s Room with its rich woodwork and fireplace, according to CitySceneKC.

The spacious, two-level lobby provides a grand entry with its historic chandeliers accented by a contemporary ceiling sculpture, a sophisticated bar straight out of Manhattan and a coffee shop in an ornate wooden alcove where cigars were once sold.

Adding to the Kansas City Club heritage are a row of creatively-interpreted busts of famous members including Boss Tom Pendergast and former President Harry Truman.

The interior designer was Simeone Deary Design Group of Chicago. The building itself, which was completed in 1922, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The hotel project was five years in the making and is part of a larger redevelopment plan for the block being pursued by Platform Ventures.

For more photos and information visit the hotel website and CitySceneKC.

Tentative design for the six-story One Nine Vine apartment and retail project. (1900 Vine Street LLC)

Developers envision residential developments at 18th & Vine

Private developers are pursuing two major residential and retail projects in the 18th & Vine District that would revitalize an approximately two-block section on the west side of the historic neighborhood, according to reporting by CitySceneKC.

A local development group, 1900 Vine Street LLC, that includes Kelvin Simmons, a former Kansas City Council member and state economic director, is proposing a project called One Nine Vine on what’s now a grassy field southeast of 19th and Vine.

Simmons said the site for One Nine Vine was chosen partly because it is located in a federal Economic Opportunity Zone that will offer tax benefits to his partners, which includes a substantial number of Black developers and investors.

“This is not a gentrification scenario,” he said. “What’s been missing at 18th and Vine is private capital investment. It’s been all government.”

The $18.1 million One Nine Vine plan calls for a six-story building at 1901 Vine that would include 80 apartments, 17,500 square-feet of ground floor retail space and a 98-space garage.

Separately, a national developer, McCormack Baron Salazar, is proposing a project that would include 80 to 100 apartments and 20,000 square feet of retail between The Paseo and Vine from 18th and 19th streets.

To read more, check out CitySceneKC or the Kansas City Business Journal.