KC’s Vanishing Studio Spaces: Can we reverse it? Panel Discussion on Jan 16

Quality studio spaces are disappearing from prime areas in Kansas City. Artists and their art have enhanced and rejuvenated areas, communities, and businesses only to have their studio spaces face increased rents, or have their buildings re-purposed to attract a different clientele.

Nationally businesses, communities, and patrons are hosting art studios, residencies, galleries, and pop-up performances to help support artists. What can we do in Kansas City to support our artists?

If you’re a business owner, a patron of the arts, or an artist, you won’t want to miss the conversation. Join us Thursday, January 16 at 21C Museum Hotel.


  • Suzie Aron
  • Philip Botana
  • Dylan Mortimer
  • Rachelle Gardner-Roe
  • Moderator, Simon Kuo

Reservations required.  Click here to register.