CID Ambassador Moon receives first Harvey Fried Award

The first Harvey Fried Award was presented to CID Ambassador Daniel Moon, center, by Sean O’Byrne, left, executive director of the CIDs, and Mark Rowlands, director of the CIDs. The Fried Award was created in 2018 to honor outstanding service by Community Improvement District ambassadors in Downtown and the River Market.

Daniel Moon has been awarded the 2018 (and first) Harvey Fried Award in recognition of outstanding service by a CID Ambassador.

Moon, 38, has been a Safety Ambassador for 13 of his 14 years working for the Community Improvement Districts.

Harvey Fried

“Daniel is an ideal Ambassador,” said Mark Rowlands, director of the CIDs. “He is naturally friendly, happy and has a heart for helping people. He’s just built that way.”

Born in Buford, Georgia, Moon moved to Kansas City when he was 10. He attended Southwest High School, and always had a passion for working Downtown. The Community Improvement District gave him that opportunity in 2004, as a Maintenance Ambassador. A year later, he was promoted to Safety Ambassador.

“While we have many Ambassadors who deserve this award, we are proud to give the first Harvey Fried Award to Daniel Moon,” said Sean O’Byrne, executive director of the CIDs. “Even though Daniel is always friendly and smiling, it doesn’t mean that he can’t get tough when the situation calls for it.”

“I was surprised and honored to win the ‘Harvey’,” Moon said. “I like to keep a smile on my face. And, when you do that, I believe something great is going to happen.”

The new, annual Harvey Fried Award is named for the venerable champion of Downtown Kansas City, who passed away on April 30. Harvey was a community leader and friend of the CIDs. He was a founding board member of the Downtown CID, and served in that role since 2002, including board secretary in 2018.

“Harvey had a special place in his heart for our Ambassadors, and I want them to know his legacy,” O’Byrne said, when he addressed a Celebration of Life for Harvey in late May. “The award will be presented annually in recognition of leadership, esprit de corps, compassion to others, and – above all else – kindness.

“Harvey was a great man. We want to make sure his memory lives on.”