Business District tops Google goal; 2 more fiberhoods to go!

Downtown’s latest win in the Google Fiber race came on Wednesday evening with the Business District fiberhood topping its goal! That means 12 of the 14 greater Downtown fiberhoods have exceeded their goals and are assured of receiving Google Fiber.

Kansas Cities, Missouri and Kansas, are the first in the country to receive the 1-gigabit Google Fiber capabilities. The first-ever registration period began on July 26 and continues through Sunday, Sept. 9.

The Downtown Council is now focused on the two remaining Downtown KC fiberhoods — Quality Hill and Paseo West — with about 2 1/2 days left before the pre-registration deadline. We are hot on the tails of a handful of apartment buildings — including Jazz Hill and Perry Place in Paseo West and several in Quality Hill — that hold the potential to get those neighborhoods over the top.

If you have any additional insights or contacts to share in either fiberhood, please pass them on to Mike Hurd, director of marketing for the Downtown Council. Time is of the essence. To reach Mike, email him at