Clean & Safe Safety

Public Safety Ambassadors

Community Improvement Safety Ambassador gives directions to a visitor.

Ensuring a Safe Neighborhood
The CID Public Safety Ambassadors provide a reassuring presence on Downtown streets and in the River Market seven days a week.  These uniformed ambassadors help maintain an inviting and comfortable experience by serving as additional “eyes and ears” for local law enforcement agencies.  They are the face of the Downtown at Metro stops, key intersections, and special events, welcoming and assisting hundreds of thousands of conventioneers, workers, residents, and visitors annually.  They serve as a first point of contact for emergency needs; helping maintain order, and deterring crime through their consistent coverage and visibility.

Equipped with two-way radios and local area knowledge, these uniformed Ambassadors are strategically situated throughout the Districts and in high-pedestrian traffic areas at key times of the day. They form a valuable partnership with the Kansas City Missouri Police Department (KCPD) and other police agencies providing maximum assistance and safety throughout the District, monitoring and reporting any illegal activity immediately.   Public Safety Ambassadors undergo intensive training to become knowledgeable on issues such as crime prevention and reporting, first aid and first-responder training, communication skills and homeless outreach services.

Additionally, Public Safety Ambassadors continue to provide a welcoming environment for all patrons visiting the Kansas City Central Library by contracting to provide security and concierge services.