Clean & Safe Maintenance

Public Maintenance Ambassadors

Maintainence Ambassador sweepingTaking It to the Streets-Delivering a Clean Environment
To ensure a remarkable urban experience, the DCID and RMCID Public Maintenance Ambassadors keep Downtown and the River Market streets clean and inviting.  Working in a timely manner, ambassadors quickly remove graffiti, stickers, and illegal posters throughout the Central Business District and the historic River Market neighborhood.  Through the Infrastructure Repair Task Force, the DCID and RMCID staff identifies and reports deteriorating and broken infrastructure to the City’s 311 Action Center, further allowing consistent service to its stakeholders. 

Throughout the day, DCID deploys 18 Public Maintenance Ambassadors who manually sweep sidewalks at least three times daily.  In addition, all sidewalks receive a monthly power washing to remove accumulated stains and grime.    The DCID has zero tolerance for graffiti.  Specially trained teams use solvents and high pressure washers to blast graffiti from the ground floor of building walls, light poles, and street furniture while protecting architectural surfaces.