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The Downtown Council has long been committed to making certain that your membership brings value – a competitive edge – to you and your organization. In today’s challenging times, we know seeing value in the dollars you spend is more important than ever.
It’s true that the DTC is the only member organization focused exclusively on greater Downtown and, therefore, is your leading advocate and partner to lead the charge for continued improvements, growth and development in our Downtown. But who better than our members to tell our story?

So we asked them:

What is the Downtown Council to you?

Their answer: My In. My Out. My Edge.

Jon Copaken, Principal, Copaken Brooks

My In. Jon Copaken
Principal, Copaken Brooks, Downtown Council board member and committee chair.

“Over the last five years, the Downtown Council has been the organization most responsible for transforming the reality of our Downtown and, as a direct result, the image of our city as a whole. How? It has a professional and dedicated staff and a hands-on, involved membership that is outspoken, strategically savvy and willing to problem solve where most other community organizations are afraid to go, and of which I am proud to be a part. While our city is always worried about “connecting the dots” in various ways, the Downtown Council is the seamless connector in the Downtown community that creates the opportunity for various initiatives, and therefore the community as a whole, to thrive.”

Greg Carroll, CEO, American Jazz Museum

My Out.Greg Carroll
Chief Executive Officer, American Jazz Museum. Downtown Council member.

“If someone asked me ‘why should I join the Downtown Council?’… I’d say ‘brace yourself’ for a long and passionate response. The Downtown Council is a strategic voice for Downtown businesses and a vital advocate and partner in achieving our goals and spreading the word about our successes in Downtown Kansas City. When it comes to the American Jazz Museum and the Historic Jazz District at 18th & Vine, the Downtown Council is our champion – always bringing its heart, soul and sauce to every challenge and opportunity.”

Evelyn Craig, Executive Director, reStart, inc.

My Edge.Evelyn Craig
Executive Director, reStart, Inc. Downtown Council board member and committee chair.

“The Downtown Council has created a new vision for our community in which each citizen may share what make this nation great – quality education, access to health care, and affordable, accessible housing. Fueled by the Herculean efforts of Downtown Council members and staff, we edge ever closer to realizing that vision. The Council has demonstrated its passion, courage and wisdom by securing financial support from Kansas City’s corporate leaders to create a home for reStart and the Episcopal Community Services’ Community Kitchen. We simply could not have accomplished these gains without them.

Join the Downtown Council (DTC) and become an active participant in improving the future of Downtown Kansas City, Missouri.

  • The DTC is a private non-profit membership organization firmly committed to creating a vibrant, diverse and economically sustainable Downtown for our entire metropolitan area.
  • The DTC is engaged in economic development initiatives ranging from recruiting and retaining businesses, continuing the residential renaissance, installing infrastructure and streetscape, and advocating for an improved investment environment Downtown.
  • We are an outcome-based organization providing you substantial return on your investment. The DTC, with our 280 members, is the primary private-sector advocate of Downtown Kansas City.

Membership Benefits

When you join the DTC, these benefits and more will be yours:

  • Leverage your investment in Downtown by joining 280 businesses advocating for its future.
  • Participate in our annual luncheon, quarterly meetings, receptions, forums and events.
  • Access Downtown research and information impacting your business decisions.
  • Improve your organization’s visibility to Downtown patrons, residents and businesses.
  • Connect with our many cultural, neighborhood and government partners forming our Downtown community.

Your contribution to the growth of Downtown is important to us. Consider adding your voice of support for Downtown by investing in the DTC.

Downtown Council Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

2012-2013 Membership Application (PDF)

Contact Julie Shippy (jules@downtownkc.org), with any questions.