Downtown CVS to close for remodeling on March 28

The Downtown CVS store and CVS Pharmacy will close for remodeling at 6 p.m. Wednesday, March 28. The store is expected to reopen by mid-June.

The CVS store at 921 Main St. in Downtown Kansas City will close for remodeling at 6 p.m. (today) Wednesday, March 28. The store is expected to re-open in mid-June.

The temporary closure will impact the entire store, including the CVS Pharmacy, the only full-service pharmacy in Downtown. All prescriptions picked up at the Downtown CVS will be transferred to the CVS Pharmacy at 3902 Main St., according to Kurt Reis, store manager.

The CVS remodeling is part of the $139 million redevelopment of the historic Commerce Tower at 911 Main. The CVS, located immediately next door to the Commerce Tower entrance, has signed a new 20-year lease and plans a substantial upgrade, including removing the window covering on Main in order to make it more inviting to passersby.

Reis said the remodeling will produce a fresh and friendly look for the CVS. Changes to the store will include new shelves, new carpeting, an expanded pharmacy space, a revolving door at the store’s entrance, a new north-south layout of shopping aisles, a slight relocation of cash registers and new, clear front windows along Main Street.

Reis explained that the store’s product / grocery mix will not change significantly with the newly remodeled store. All of the store’s personnel will be reassigned to other, local CVS stores during the temporary closure.

Even though the store’s prescriptions will be transferred to the CVS at 39th & Main, Reis said customers may choose to transfer their prescriptions to another CVS location. For more information on prescriptions, customers should contact the CVS Pharmacy at 3902 Main at 816-931-5452. Kaydee Tran is the pharmacy manager and Jeff  Ozenberger is the store manager there.

“Thank you for your patience and for being a valued customer of CVS,” Reis said. “We look forward to seeing you in mid-June in our newly remodeled store.”

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  1. Sara Campbell
    Sara Campbell says:

    Revolving doors are almost always impossible for me to use with my power wheelchair. I am worried that this change will prevent me from shopping there after the remodel.

    • Mike
      Mike says:

      Sara: We will take your message to the CVS store management, and ask them to respond. Thank you for relaying your question.

  2. Eric Nielsen
    Eric Nielsen says:

    So the headline to the link I posted to this article on FB says April 4, but the article says March 28 : / Which is accurate ?

    • Mike
      Mike says:

      March 28 is the correct date. We published the article originally with the March 28 date, but it was changed the next day because a project supervisor told us the closing date had been pushed back to April 4. As it turns out, he was incorrect. Sorry for any confusion. The store did close at 6 p.m. on March 28. It is expected to reopen in mid-June. Thank you!

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