Crescendo: Listen closely… And, you will hear tomorrow!
Crescendo: Listen closely… And, you will hear tomorrow!

The UMKC Conservatory will reach a Crescendo next Friday evening, Nov. 2, in Downtown Kansas City.

More than a concert, more than a fundraiser, Crescendo is the story of the UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance and the power/possibility of a downtown arts campus.

Highlighting the spectacular Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, Crescendo 2012 celebrates the talent and vision of the Conservatory’s students and faculty. In a seamless performance designed to be energetic and eclectic, Crescendo 2012 will be a concert event unlike any other in Kansas City. From jazz to classics, music and dance will fill Helzberg Hall in a performance that reflects the dynamic and ever-changing rhythms and riffs that define the Conservatory.

“On First Friday, Nov. 2, the Conservatory will give a brief, bold energetic 50-minute performance,” Witte said. “The concert will be a blast  Quick, and diverse, like our city.  250 students and faculty will take part. It will dazzle.”

Crescendo is set for 7:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 2 in Helzberg Hall. Single tickets cost $27.50, while students tickets are $12.50. All tickets are available here.

As with every Crescendo, proceeds from the concert will directly benefit Conservatory students. Your support ensures that Kansas City’s conservatory continues to attract and educate the artists, educators, and leaders of the future.

“Come hear what The New York Times calls ‘One of the country’s liveliest academies’,” Witte said. “On November 2nd, we will show you why.”

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